Star Wars: Attack of the Slavers

Episode 2: Smuggling Wookiees

With the slavers’ ship secured, one of the freed Wookiees introduces himself as Liakporin. He tells the crew that he and the other former slaves will be taking the ship to Kwenn Station, but offers the crew a new job.

He wants them to get his family off of Kashyyyk, and is willing to pay them 500 credits per crewmember to do so. A bit of negotiation with Krusk Ralk’ag resulted in a fee of 650 per crewmember plus expenses. Unfortunately he won’t be able to access his accounts until he gets to Kwenn Station, so it will be payment upon delivery. The crew of the Spirited Wampa takes the slaver credentials from the newly captured ship and heads to Kashyyyk to earn their pay.

Krusk is able to use their stolen credentials to get past the Imperial blockade and land within a few hours walk of the Wookiee village. Despite that walk being through the upper canopy of a Kashyyyk forest, the only real trouble they run into is a pack of blastails which proves to be nothing much more than a nuisance.

After a tense moment with the Wookiees defending the village, the crew is able to convince them that they aren’t actually slavers, and escorts Liakporin’s family back to the landing pad.

Waiting at the pad is an Imperial shuttle with a squad of stormtroopers and an officer asking to once again inspect their credentials.

It appears that everything goes OK, but upon taking off two TIE fighters move to intercept the Spirited Wampa. Something along the line must have raised a red flag because the fighters open fire on the ship.

Fortunately, R3-53 is able to evade most of the fire from the TIEs while Maximus takes both of them out with concussion missiles, and Erri plots a jump into hyperspace.

Their job accomplished, the crew now heads to Kwenn Station to collect their pay…



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