Star Wars: Attack of the Slavers

Episode 1: A Chance Encounter

After completing delivery of a cargo of illicit goods, the crew heads back out of the system before any local authorities can get suspicious of their presence. While calculating the jump to light speed, the Spirited Wampa receives a distress signal from a Trandoshan freighter that has suffered an asteroid strike that has damaged their ship and injured their engineer.

The crew briefly considers ignoring them, but Dr. Erri Leats overrides them, transmitting an acknowledgment and directing “Five” (R3-53) to steer a course to the damaged ship.

After a flawless flight through the asteroids, Five docks the ship to that of the Trandoshans and the crew prepare to board. They are met by two armed Trandoshans, one of whom leads Erri to where the injured crewman is, while the other directs Five to the engines, and then remains behind warily eyeing Krusk Ralk’ag who also remains at the entrance between the two ships.

As soon as the crew are all out of sight of each other, the Trandoshans reveal their true plan and open fire with blaster carbines set to stun.

The unarmed Erri flees her attacker and eventually makes it back aboard her own ship after Krusk takes down the Trandoshan that had been attacking him. Unfortunately, Krusk was then stunned into submission by the Trandoshan pursuing Erri before the cargo bay doors that he had triggered could completely close.

Meanwhile, Five managed to evade his attacker who had pulled an Ion Disrupter, locking the Trandoshan in the starboard engineering compartment before fleeing into the port engineering compartment. There he sliced into the ship’s systems and discovered that they were on board a slave ship, at which point he immediately triggered the opening of the slave pens.

With the cargo door closed, Erri undocked the ships, nearly dragging the Trandoshan into the vacuum of space. The Trandoshan managed to grab hold of something before Five closed the door, but ended up unconscious. Meanwhile the escaped slaves overcame the last of the three Trandoshan slavers, leaving them and Five in charge of the slave ship.



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